What does IBRA do?

The International Bee Research Association (IBRA) promotes the value of bees by providing information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide.

IBRA is internationally recognised as the world’s primary source and foremost provider of information on bees. Its database and information services, including journals, teaching aids and other publications, embrace all bee species whether managed by man for pollination or their products, or truly wild.

It is a unique organisation established in 1949 for the advancement of bee science and beekeeping (IBRA History). It is a UK Registered Charity No. 209222 and is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales No. 463819. It is managed by a Council of trustees who come from many countries and is run by a small team.

IBRA has one of the largest databases of scientific information on bees and bee related interests in the world. It is funded by sales of publications, through the generosity of our members and supporters, and by donations or legacies.

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IBRA produces a range of sources of information about bees for bee scientists, beekeepers and the general public:

If you are interested in publishing a bee related book, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
We supply information to beekeepers, scientists, researchers, extension workers, schools and organisations around the world.

We attend and support conferences and bee conventions around the world. This provides an opportunity to distribute information and to meet our members.

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