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Pollen in monofloral honeys from Brazil

Written by
Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 29 (2) pp. 89-94
June 1990
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Pollen in monofloral honeys from Brazil


Ortrud Monika Barth


In more than 400 honey samples from different regions of Brazil, the pollen spectra indicated that 190 of them were from monofloral honeys. The most common plant species for these honeys are Eucalyptus and Citrus species from crops. Wild species that produce honeys appreciated by humans are from Compositae and Mimosoideae, with different pollen types. Other wild plants constitute only sources of sustenance for the bees and their honeys are less appreciated by humans, like honeys from Hyptis and Rubiaceae species.


Pollen, monofloral honeys, Brazil,

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