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Precautions in the use of Melissopalynology

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 28 (1) pp. 50-54
March 1989
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Precautions in the use of Melissopalynology


Nicholas H. Low, Charles Schweger And Peter Sporns


The recommended procedures for melissopalynology suffer from two problems that can lead to incorrect assignment of honey origin. One problem is the lack of complete sedimentation of the pollen from honey samples owing to centrifugation of too concentrated a solution for too short of time at too low a centrifuge speed. This can result in selective sedimentation of larger more dense pollen grains. The other problem with recommended melissopalynology procedures is a lack of insistence that all samples be subjected to an acetolysis procedure. An example of this problem with identification is given where willow and rapeseed (canola) pollen appear virtually identical before acetolysis, but can be seen as markedly different afterwards.

melissopalynology, honey origin, quality control
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