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Sugars containing galactose occur in honey

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 25 (3) pp. 182-185
June 1986
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Sugars containing galactose occur in honey


J. W. White, R. Meloy, J. Probst And W. Huser


Analysis of 87 honey samples for terminal galactose residues in the oligosaccharide fraction (‘bound galactose') by a specific enzymic procedure showed that all samples contained this entity. The average value for 81 honeys was 3.1 mg (as galactose) per 100 g honey. Beet sugar products averaged ten-fold higher. Raffinose is the only commonly-occurring sugar responding to the conditions of the analysis. Whether the raffinose is a nectar constituent or arises from traces of honeydew is not clear; it is possible that both contribute.


Honey, sugar, bound galactose

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