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Palynological analysis of honeys from Portugal

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 37 (4) pp.247-254
December 1998
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Palynological analysis of honeys from Portugal


M J Aira; H Horn; M C Seijo


We analysed 80 samples of honey produced in Portugal during 1995. By means oftheir floral origin we characterized 63 unifloral honeys, with the following honey types standing out: Lavandula, which were mostly from the centresouth of the country; Echium, produced in the Beira Alta, Alentejo and Algarve regions; and Eucalyptus, characteristic of the Douro region. We also identified 3 unifloral heather honeys (Erica sp.) and one of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa). The pollen content was variable, with the lowest values corresponding to the Lavandula honeys and the highest to the multifloral honeys. We identified a very low level of honeydew content in all of the honeys, indicating the nectariferous origin of the samples. Some pollen indicators enable Portuguese unifloral honeys to be separated from those produced in Spain.


pollen analysis, melissopalynology, unifloral honey, multifloral honey, nectar plants, Lavandula, Echium, Eucalyptus, Portugal

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