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Comparative nest architecture of the dwarf honey bees

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 35 (1) pp.19-26
January 1996
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Comparative nest architecture of the dwarf honey bees


Thomas E Rinderer; Siriwatwongsiri; Bangyu Kuang; Jisheng Liu; Benjamin P Oldroyd; H Allen Sylvester; Lilia De Guzman

Complete descriptions using a variety of measurements are provided for nests of Apis andreniformis from south-eastern Thailand, Sichuan and Hunan Provinces of China, and Palawan, Philippines and Apis florea from southeastern Thailand and Hunan Province of China. Overall, the single-comb nest of A. andreniformis has a very different structure from that of A. florea. The comb built by A. andreniformis has a midrib both above and below the supporting branch. However, the comb built by A. florea has a mid-rib only in the brood area below the supporting branch. The honey storage mid-rib of A. andreniformis nests gives them a characteristic crown appearance. Other differences include the overall size of the nest, the width and depth of worker cells and the width of drone cells.

honey bees, Apis andreniformis, Apis florea, dwarf honey bees, nest architecture, Thailand, China, Philippines

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