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Diastase, invertase and glucosidase activities in fresh honey from northwest Spain

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 34 (1) pp.39-44
January 1995
Article Title

Diastase, invertase and ß-glucosidase activities in fresh honey from northwest Spain


J F Huidobro; F J Santana; M P Sanchez; M T Sancho; S Muniategui; J Simal-Lozano

Diastase (α- and β-amylase), invertase (sucrase or α-glucosidase) and β-glucosidase activities in 46 samples of unheated, commercially purchased Galician (north-west Spain) honeys were determined spectrophotometrically. The honeys were from Eucalyptus sp. (25), Rubus sp. (2) and Castanea sativa (1), or multifloral in origin (18). The mean value for diastase (Gothe scale) was 19.3 ± 6.99 (10.6-38.0), for invertase it was 128.3 ± 31.90 (68.7-225.4) μmoles p-nitrophenyl glycoside hydrolysed/kg honey/ min, and for β-glucosidase it was 110.8 ± 19.89 (80.3-176.4) μmoles p-nitrophenyl glycoside hydrolysed/kg honey/min. Correlationships were found between invertase and diastase activities (r = 0.878) and between invertase and β-glucosidase activities (r = 0.871). Comparisons between these values and those obtained by other authors are discussed.

honey, diastase, α-amylase, β-amylase, invertase, sucrase, α-glucosidase, β-glucosidase, enzyme activity, Galicia, Spain

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