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Absorption of volatile compounds in honey from stored spices

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 44 (2) pp. 71 - 77
DOI 10.3896/
Date July 2005
Article Title Absorption of volatile compounds in honey from stored spices
Author(s) Chrisoula Tananaki, Andreas Thrasyvoulou and George Menexes
Abstract Spices and coffee stored in food containers result in detectable volatile compounds in honey subsequently stored in these containers. These ‘off-flavours’ are bound to the plastic lining inside the lid and later contaminate the honey. The kind, number and concentration of these compounds depend on what has been stored in the container. Honeydew honey was used in this study. Tea did not affect the aromatic profile of honey, whereas coffee resulted in one volatile compound in honey, peppermint two, sage three, cinnamon four, oregano eight, and basil and cinnamon nine. In this study we used the purge and trap gas chromatographer/mass spectrometer system to identify the volatile compounds, as well as human sensory tests to evaluate the ability of the consumer to perceive off-flavours in honey.
Keywords honey, honeydew honey, contamination, off-flavours, volatile compounds, spices, storage containers, gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy