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Pollen composition and standardisation of analytical methods.

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 47 (2) pp. 154 - 161
June 2008
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Pollen composition and standardisation of analytical methods.
Maria G. R. Campos, Stefan Bogdanov, Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian ,Teresa Szczesna, Yanina Mancebo, Christian Frigerio, Francisco Ferreira.
Honey bee pollen is considered to be a food, and national pollen standards exist in different countries such as Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland and Switzerland. It is the aim of the present work to review pollen composition and the analytical methods used for the evaluation of high quality bee pollen. Based on the experience of different countries and on the results of published research, we propose quality criteria for bee pollen, hoping that in the future they will be used as world wide bee pollen standards.
Standardisation of bee products; bee pollen; quality control
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