Editorial: IBRA in the Eighties

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Bee World Vol.71 (1) 1990 pp.3-4
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Editorial: IBRA in the Eighties


David Lowe


Although this century still has 11 years remaining (always assuming that the first century began in AD 1 and not AD 0), forecasts for its final decade and reviews of the eighties have been commonplace in many publications in recent months. What is certain is that IBRA was founded in January 1949, so it has now started its fifth decade. It thus seems an opportune time to review the Association's recent history. I had not envisaged that writing such an editorial would be my responsibility, but through a series of unforeseen circumstances I find myself acting as Editor of Bee World for this issue. However, as I am now in my 17th year of employment with IBRA, I am probably in a better position than many to be able to compare the Association as it entered the eighties with how it stands today.

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